«Madagascar America Foundation” soutient le Père Pédro Opéka et son Association “Akamasoa” dont le nom signifie «les bons amis» et pour être précis dans la traduction “Amis fiable et sincère”. Son but est de restaurer la dignité humaine aux plus démunis se trouvant dans la rue et les décharges publiques.

Les projets :

  • Le bateau hôpital « Ship Hospital »
  • La production d’électricité « Power Plans »
  • Les constructions
  • La reforestation

AKAMASOA means “good friend” and it is a fabulous story of solidarity towards the people from Madagascar, started in 1989 by Father Pedro.

It is a humanitarian association from Madagascar born to fight against poverty, and enabling the economic and social reinsertion of the poorest. Akamasoa has created around Antananarivo 5 reception centers composed of 18 villages where 2,926 families have settled (15,560 people, of which over 60% are children under 15).

Father Pedro was convinced that homeless people, deprived from everything, could not find dignity and autonomy if they did not become themselves the protagonists of their recovery. For this reason, the families sheltered in the villages of the association have to commit to daily work and send their children to school. In exchange, Akamasoa provides them services which will help them to reinsert into society:

Jobs for the construction of brick houses, making of craft objects, agriculture, carpentry, mechanics and welding;

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